(Healthcare Support Center)

Current environment and challenges in Japan

We have universal health insurance system, called kaihoken, which covers the entire population of 127 million people and medical expenditures are supported by society as a whole. This system works very well and Japan was ranked top for “Healthy life expectancy”, ranked 3rd in “fairness” and received top ranking in “Overall goal attainment” according to ”World Health Report 2010” by WHO.

In recent years, in contrast to the high reputation of medical service level in Japan, Japanese health system faces a big challenge, soaring medical expenditures especially among senior citizens. On the other hand, chronic diseases (cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes and so on.) are increasing due to changes in eating habit. The ratio of medical cost for chronic diseases is increasing and these diseases account for 60% of the cause of death.

MLHW started Special Health Checkups (SHC) and Special Health-Maintenance Guidance (SHMG) in April 2008 and obligated health plans to conduct these programs, to prevent and manage diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and complications.

SHC and SHMG are the programs that require everybody between 40 and 74 years old to take specific health checkup. Members who have a certain level of risk for lifestyle-related illnesses according to the results of the checkup will be eligible for special health guidance. Many countries pay attention to this unique and pioneering policy.

As a result of this, patient data has been stored and benefits of the interventions to chronic disease are analyzed scientifically. Government included “Project to create the next-generation healthcare system” in Future Investment Strategy 2018 of Japan and proposed “Health promotion, preventing disease,preventing the worsening of diabetic nephropathy,utilizing the data by insurers”. This social and political background will accelerate the actions related to wellness in care management industry.

Introduction of HSC

While the government has been promoting population wellness management, HSC has developed and provided various services in disease prevention field, such as coaching based on SHMG, seminars, face-to-face counseling for senior members, through our network of 1,300 professionals all over Japan.

Our vision is “Health promotion makes people grow rich ”. We keep close relationship with members and support their self-control, self-care and health improvement through our services. As a result of these activities, we are one of the leading companies in care management industry.

Our Competitiveness


We have been providing disease prevention programs and related services more than 20 years to improve members’ quality of life and reduce medical cost, which is the biggest issues for health plans.

2.Nationwide SHMG support

The network of over 1,300 professionals, such as dieticians, registered nurses and public health nurses, provide face-to-face counseling and wellness support all over Japan.

3.Effective Operations with skilled professionals

We have experienced professionals specialized in wellness management and they collaborate and provide personalized care service to members.


Wellness Management (By following SHMG guideline)

Our professionals have an initial interview with members and customize their support plan based on their chronic conditions. We efficiently integrate phone and email based services, to provide customized program to help members.

  • Wellness Coaching based on SHMG
  • Wellness Coaching for those who have potential risk of chronic conditions
  • SHMG using ICT(Information and Communication Technology)
  • Disease Management for diabetes
  • Coaching and Counseling related to Industrial Safety and Health Law
  • Mental Health Management

Analysis Business

We provide population health analysis based on medical claim data and health checkup data, and propose the customized plan regarding the needs and issues of health plans.

Training and Seminar Business

HSC hosts skill upgrading training and seminars all over Japan.

  • Basic training for managers in charge of medical equipment sales/rental
  • Follow-up training for managers in charge of medical equipment sales/rental/maintenance
  • Training for counselors specialized in welfare equipment
  • Training to improve care and welfare skills
  • Training to improve Career in nursery teacher
  • Seminars, such as quitting tobacco and preventing obesity

Awards and next step

HSC received the best reputation in customer satisfaction among care management companies providing nationwide service.
Government promotes wellness and disease management service as a part of growth strategy and care management companies are expected to develop more value-added services.
HSC has 25 year’s experience and will support wide range of members, from young generation to senior group, to achieve their best health in long term with our health risk management rograms which is created based on age factor and risk factor matrix, and our experienced and trained professionals.